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Revit add-in that allows users to bulk add or modify view filters in Revit view templates.

One of the most powerful and versatile features of Revit is the use of view filters. View filters allow for highly customizable methods for controlling the visibility and graphics of elements within Revit. At GeminiBIM, we have developed the Add Filters + add-in to provide Revit users with a streamlined approach to bulk-adding or modifying filters applied to Revit view templates. This add-in alleviates the difficulty of manually adding or modifying view filters assigned to multiple view templates by providing a robust user interface that allows various methods to add or modify filters. You can manually add and configure filters and assign them to multiple view templates or automate the process by copying view filters from an existing Revit template and assigning them to other templates, copying all aspects of visibility control and the graphical setting assigned to the view filter. The Add Filters + was designed to provide a simplistic approach to managing view filters within the Revit project environment and will reduce the efforts needed to manage view filters.

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