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  • GeminiBIM Tools does not collect data or send information from the user to our servers. We DO NOT use or analyze data from the user work session in any way.


  • NO third parties are involved in using any GeminiBIM applications. We DO NOT gather, use or share your information with: analytics tools, advertising networks, and third-party SDKs, as well as legal affiliates of ours (parent, subsidiary, related entities).


  • The only information we get from the user is:


  • Their personal data gave by themselves during the purchasing process like name, e-mail, company, product, and language.


  • Information that is voluntarily provided to GeminiBIM about bugs or problems the user encounters and contacts GeminiBIM for help.


  • We use this information to contact users when we release a new product, in case they are interested, or to keep track of software solutions for the future. Regularly, we do not delete this information.

  • If the user decides to be deleted from our database or not be contacted anymore, they should e-mail

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