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Revit add-in that prompts users to specify active workset when opening a Revit model.

One of the main challenges for users in Revit is modeling on the correct worksets when working within a workshared model. Unfortunately, users will often open a model and forget to check the active workset before modeling. This can lead to several issues and hours of wasted labor attempting to fix the items modeled on the wrong worket. Here at GeminiBIM, we wanted a simple and effective plug-and-play type solution to help with this problem that many BIM Managers encounter while at the same time instilling good modeling habits for users by making them always verify the active starting workset. We developed the Workset Prompt, a simple solution that is easily implemented and requires virtually no set-up or user training. All that is needed is to install and activate the add-in. Once installed and activated, the user will be prompted to select an active workset when opening workshared Revit models.

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